CILIP and Fed-IP

CILIP is working with several partner bodies (including IHRM, SOCITM, BCS) to develop a community of professionals working within or alongside health and care informatics. The Federation of Health and Care Informatics Professionals (Fed-IP) is a registration body that aims to bring like-minded professionals together to develop standards and improve access to health and care services through information and digital services.

The Federation has launched with the 'Well Connected' campaign with the aim of bringing more professionals together from across the health sector. Society needs better health and care. That’s only going to happen by the professionals who can harness information and technology, and have the integrity to put people and their communities first, coming together and inspiring each other to deliver citizen impact. At the heart of Well connected are values and integrity. Your values and integrity. Together, we’re bringing together people with shared values, and empowering you to take ownership as a community of professionals. You can watch a short, informative video about the campaign below:

Currently Fed-IP is accepting 'pre-registrants' to show support for the Federation and signing up to the pledge to support and provide better health and care through information practices. If you would like to sign the pledge and learn more about Fed-IP's activities please proceed to the registration page.

At present full membership is not open, but this is set to launch by 2018. To become a member of Fed-IP you will need to be a member of one of the partner organisations (CILIP, IHRM, SOCITM, or BCS).