The business of CILIP’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), held on Thursday 12 October 2017, was adjourned as a quorum of fifty Individual Members was not present and it will now be held after the CILIP Board meeting, at 3.30 pm on Friday 24 November 2017.  CILIP’s bye-law 26 states that if at the adjourned meeting a quorum is not present within half an hour from the time appointed for holding the meeting then the Individual Members present will constitute a quorum.  
Individual Members are encouraged to come and observe the open session of the Board meeting at 1.45 pm and then to stay and attend the adjourned AGM.  If you are planning to come to either or both sessions, please send your name and membership number to Ayca Ilcen at

If you have any queries, please contact (Tel: 020 7255 0512).  


1    Introductions and welcome
The President will welcome members to the 2017 AGM.

2    Minute’s silence

    One minute’s silence will be observed to remember CILIP members who have passed away in the previous 12 months.

3    Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of 2016 and the Extraordinary General Meeting held on 23 March 2017

That the minutes of the meeting be approved as a correct record (Resolutions 1 and 2).

4    Matters arising from the Minutes
To take any matters arising from the minutes of last year’s AGM and the 2017 EGM.

5    Report on the Elections for 2017
Report of the election for Vice-President.  No election was necessary for Board Members.

6    Appointment of Auditors
To appoint haysmacintyre as CILIP’s Auditors for 2018 (Resolution 3).

7    Receipt of the Trustees’ Annual Report and Accounts for the year ended 31 December 2016

8    Any other business

9    Date of next meeting
To be confirmed.

Download the AGM agenda